Our Services

Our Services

Our goal is to provide comprehensive medical care to all of our patients. We know how complicated it is to navigate the healthcare field, so we’ve made it easier than ever for our patients.
We provide treatments for people of all different ethnicities and ailments to ensure that each of our patients get the medical care they require to live a healthy and happy life!

Primary Care

We provide medical care for all ages. At our office we are your first stop to receiving the medical care you and your family deserve. From adolescent to senior care, we’re here for you!

Comprehensive Medical Assessment

Our patient analysis incorporates all previous health history. Working with patients, we create health plans that are unique to their individual needs, and support a healthy future.

Preventive Care

Diet & Nutrition, Exercise, Immunizations, Wellness Exams, Physicals, Mental Health Counseling

Screenings & Diagnostic Tests

Blood, Urine, Ultrasound, Pelvic, Rectal, Hormone, Thyroid, Heart Related; EKGs, Arrhythmias

General Illness

Headache, Body Pain, Joint Pain, Dizziness, Fatigue, Sleep problems (insomnia), Vision Changes

Geriatric Primary Care

Long-term primary care for seniors brings all of their healthcare needs to one place.

Acute Disease Management

Ear Infections, Upper Respiratory Infections, Bronchitis, Lacerations, Pneumonia, Fever, Skin Infections, Poison Ivy, Back Pain, Urinary Tract Infections, Nausea/Vomiting, Joint Pain, Ankle Sprain, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Gastroenteritis, Constipation

Chronic Disease Management

Diabetes, Dementia, Arthritis, Obesity, COPD, Asthma, Osteoporosis, Depression, Menopausal Symptoms, Migraines, Allergies, Musculoskeletal Pain, Gout, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Coronary Heart Failure, High Cholesterol, Incontinence, Erectile Dysfunction


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